I'm pleased to recommend Susan Hadaway. Susan has worked for Highlands Radio Group remotely on a contract/project basis since mid-2022. I offered to hire her as a full-time employee, but she'd rather not relocate to Sebring. Susan can do just about anything I ask her... she's our copy editor, does the Quickbooks, provides executive assistance, plans and hosts events, and occasionally pops into my office to show her sunny disposition. She's professional, polite, and gets on well with all types of people. She's got a positive attitude. She enjoys working and takes great pride in her work, figuring things out quickly and being attentive to detail (meticulous!). I trust her work ethic - she manages remote work well as I can see by her work product and her quick response to inquiries. She has all her own equipment, software, dedicated office space and even a large conference table. She's tech savvy. The job is always done right and on time. She'll go out of her way to work on evenings and weekends if we need her and can handle the pressure of last-minute event planning. She's one of the most professional and dependable people I've ever worked with..
Michael Ewing
President, Highlands Radio Group
I've known Susan since 2011 when she was the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Universal Healthcare. Susan is intelligent and communicates effectively, both verbally and in all forms of written communication. In my role as CFO, I worked with Susan to compile budget data and communicate this information to the top echelon of UHC management. Susan was highly proficient and accurate in Excel. Her minutes were delivered timely and accurately. Susan would proactively and preemptively understand situations and define action items for the CEO's approval. She was competent in her role and comfortable communicating with C-level executives, upper management, and district, state and national politicians. Susan was at ease guiding high-ranking politicians and international visitors on tours of the UHC complex in downtown St. Petersburg. She is a confident, professional, self-motivated individual. It was a pleasure working with her.
Dennis Kant
Former CFO, Universal Health Care
I've known Susan for over 20 years. I worked closely with her and Sam when TIGI was founded. Susan is brilliant, focused and incredibly hard working. As a manager, she never failed to do exactly what she said she would do, when she said it would be done. She always exceeded my expectations. I also found her to be cordial, professional and incredibly "steady" when managing multiple priorities and tight deadlines. Susan will always be the "backbone" of any organization that is smart enough to hire her.
Greg Haddon
Healthcare Data Interoperability Specialist
I have known Susan since 2009. She is a very intelligent and genuine person. She embodies growth year after year and is so passionate about her work. Susan is an abundantly helpful woman and professional. Her personality is wonderful and very kind. I give my utmost recommendation.
Eman Mehri
Medical Esthetician
I am proud to offer my note of reference for Susan Hadaway. I met Susan when she co-founded Total Innovation Group Inc. (TIGI), an exceptional global advisory firm guiding Fortune 100 and 500 companies throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I was a consultant for TIGI for several years. During that time and ensuing years as she progressed with her professional career, I consistently found Susan to be an exceptionally driven person, very skilled at establishing business processes, managing work flows, and handling customer relationships. Associates continue to recognize Susan for her meticulous business operations management capacity. She's always self-motivated – typically being counted upon to take on assignments with no direction - and very organized. Her detail-oriented, positive, and professional demeanor makes it a pleasure for associates to work with her. I will be happy to recommend her for whatever she chooses to do.
Martin Kleckner III PhD MBA
COO, Healthcare Consultant
Susan worked as an independent contractor for our land development group between 2019 and 2023. She was actively involved in our development, land entitlements, civil engineering, and geotechnical engineering firms. Susan performed due diligence for potential investments; assisted permitting and regulatory compliance functions; and coordinated projects with our civil and geotechnical engineers – to name a few of her responsibilities. Susan is disciplined and can work remotely. She is adept at hosting and directing web conferences, always prepared with essential information at her fingertips. She consistently follows up, using action plans and flowcharts, and Asana project management with Dropbox to communicate clearly with all stakeholders. I have much respect and admiration for Susan. She is professional, intelligent, efficient, trustworthy, reliable, and loves a challenge. She will be an asset to any company that invites her participation.
Ghassan Kaloti
Real Estate Investor & Developer
Susan is a terrific communicator and handled all of the business aspects of my mold/water remediation project efficiently and dependably. Mold/water damage is not what I'd call a "fun" experience, so I greatly appreciated Susan's organizational skills, patience, level-headedness, and attention to key details.
Lori Sechio
CEO, TekMethods
I’ve known Susan for the past 20 + years. We've worked together on various projects involving marketing, sales, and corporate management. Susan has always been very innovative and creative no matter what job or project we worked on. I have found that her work ethics are second to none and whenever she committed to "get something done", it always got done on schedule. Susan has always been very personable and her relationships with customers and clients were always a plus in my eyes. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation and I'm sure that her experience would be an asset to any client or customer.
Jeff Powell
VP Sales, Toshiba America Medical Systems
I highly recommend Susan Hadaway's work. I have known Susan for many years but recently had the opportunity to work with her on a project. Susan is detailed and thorough. She takes her time to review documents to make sure all details are addressed, questions are answered, and she performs all tasks on time. She is a team player with high standards and expectations for delivering services in a professional manner.
Beth Berndt
Virtual Grant Writer
In 2021, Susan Hadaway helped me get my property management business up and running smoothly. She helped me understand how to set up the business legally, set up processes and procedures, and taught me how to use the procedures she suggested. She is always professional, courteous, and willing to help. She is very driven. I recommend her with my full support.
Tristen Millard
Property Management
I’ve known Susan through her role as the administrative manager and co-owner of Coastal Disaster Recovery, our emergency services provider since 2010. It always was, and is, a pleasure to interact with Susan on service matters big and small and I found her to be meticulous with details, to communicate clearly, and to document very proficiently. In my experience Susan leads projects proactively, and comes across as a personable and patient project manager that can solve issues with tact. I will recommend Susan Hadaway for any position that she decides to undertake. Susan will be an asset to any organization.
Claus Daniel
Tampa Bay History Center, Facilities Engineer
Susan Hadaway has worked as an independent contractor for my paving business since 2019. She helps me with LLC and license updates. She pulls permits for us. Susan knows how to find answers. She has the patience and politeness to work with permitting agencies. She is a very smart business person.
Jorge Padron
Owner, Paver Design & Installation
I’ve known Susan since we co-founded Coastal Disaster Recovery in 2009. She was an asset to our company. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and wrote all of our technical reports, many of them very complex. Susan can work independently, is self-motivated and always follows through to make sure the job gets done right. Susan has a strong work ethic, is detail oriented, extremely organized, and punctual. She keeps her eye on the balance sheet. She had an excellent rapport with the many constituents served by our office including clients, vendors, sub-contractors, insurance companies, and governmental agencies. Her ability to effectively communicate made her an asset. She was enthusiastic in sales, building trust by asking the right questions, listening, and helping solve problems. Susan would add value to any company. I would recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.
Stephen Delgado
former business partner, Coastal Disaster Recovery
Together, Susan and I built Total Innovation Group, a highly respected sales training and consulting company, delivering services to C-Level and high-achieving sales teams in the healthcare, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, and scientific devices industries. Susan’s energy and presence were critical to the growth and sustenance of the organization. Susan likes to be challenged, and she tackles projects with confidence. She created an orderly, process-driven and profitable business structure from scratch with no previous experience in the training industry. She quickly established processes and procedures to ensure consistent quality delivery of products and services, as well as recurring revenue. Susan managed several projects and employees. Her attention to detail, as well as her conscientious and steady approach, enabled her and her reports to produce high quality output, as was always noted by our customers. Susan has superior communication skills – verbal and written. She is expert at researching, assessing theories and concepts, pinpointing ideas, and summarizing, producing tangible communications and tools. She is an excellent problem solver, quick to take accountability and enthusiastically brainstorm for solutions. Her customer service skills are second to none. She’s patient and nurturing. Susan was one of TIGI’s primary resources. She was critical to the success of our company.
Sam O’Rear
Former Business Partner, CEO, Total Innovation Group, Inc.
I hired Susan Hadaway as an independent contractor to set up Salesforce for our communications company. Susan learned our business model quickly. She culled through excessive documents to determine which information was essential and then organized Sales Force and trained our team how to use the system. Susan is fun to work with, although she maintains a distance for professionalism. She’s a sensible, intelligent character with a lot of drive and willingness to learn. I’ll pull her in on future projects as my budget allows.
Director of Sales
Susan Hadaway worked as a 1099 contractor to help us start our small business, a gutter installation company. Susan doesn’t waste time… she quickly asked the right questions and found out where we wanted to take our company. Susan is meticulous. She set up Quickbooks and procedures and then got us started using them. She’s a communicator, both in writing and on the telephone. Her gentle demeanor went over well with customers. Susan is a professional. We recommend her.
Owner – GutterRx

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