Susan Hadaway sitting at her desk in her office.

I'm Susan Hadaway

I’m a business operations and project administrator. After thriving in both the C-suite and the small business environment, I began serving clients with project-based and seasonal staffing requirements as an independent contractor. 

I’ve spent much of my career working alongside C-level execs, working in the C-Suite and working with C-Level executives of Fortune 500 companies in my capacity as operations manager. I built two successful small businesses, setting up procedures and operational structures, managing daily operations, executing projects,  maintaining compliance, and leading these organizations to turn profits.

I’ve worked with real estate investors toward development of large-scale commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. I’ve managed projects, coordinating with investors, developers, land entitlement experts, engineers, permitting/regulatory agencies, municipalities, and horizontal construction teams.

I’m an English major with a nearly perfect GPA, which serves as a testament to my meticulous, detail-oriented nature. I’m driven to self improve. I like to learn. When tackling problems, I don’t just accept status quo solutions. I question, research, listen, and implement. I’m professional, tactful, and can maintain strict confidences.

I enjoy nature and love to hike. I love grooming, training and playing with my pure-bred standard poodle. While I prefer to be active, I also like to read. My favorite subject is History, especially Chinese history. My favorite genre is African American Literature. 

I’ve volunteered as a tutor, teaching English as a Second Language for the Hillsborough County Literacy Council. I’ve also volunteered during hurricanes and I’ve led teams to pick up debris on our roadsides.

When the market is right, I invest in residential real estate… renovating, marketing, leasing, and eventually selling to my tenants. I manage and sell the properties myself.


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Susan Hadaway sitting in front of a bookcase in her office.