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Susan Hadaway

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Susan Hadaway brings a wealth of on-demand operations expertise to the table, with a keen focus on business operations. Her specialty lies in project execution, aiding start-ups, and  business management. Earning stakeholder trust one client at a time, she strives for organizational excellence in all her endeavors.

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How I Help:

Moving your project forward in alignment with your business vision to achieve project success.

Project Management

I'm well-versed in project lifecycle management. I can step into a project, quickly gain understanding of key management's objectives, and then begin to implement the team's vision. I research, question, listen, plan, communicate, implement, and document. I blend key stakeholder's objectives with cross-functional goals. I optimize resources and time, move milestones to meet deadlines, communicate project status, and document successful completion, all the while communicating potential risk to team leaders. I keep everyone on the same page and refresh project enthusiasm with tactful, professional communication.

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication is the backbone of every successful operation. I place high importance on formulating and delivering clear, concise, timely, and impactful messages. I tailor my communication to my audience, with an understanding of the goals and objectives of each cross-functional department or team member. I move the team towards project success by gaining each member's confidence in my understanding of the project vision and alignment of key stakeholder goals. My effective communication skills not only improve team collaboration, but also enhance relationships with partners.

Work Environment Optimization

A well-optimized work environment is a must towards enhancing productivity. I optimize work environments by communicating the project vision, refining processes, implementing procedures, streamlining workflow, training project members, and enhancing positivity and enthusiasm. I proactively identify potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and tactfully communicate efficient interventions that help teams operate at peak performance to save time, reduce costs, boost overall productivity, and build relationships. At project close, I summarize key points that can be carried forward to improve the next project.

Project Compliance

Keeping abreast with current regulations and industry best practices is crucial for any business. Key stakeholders must be informed and on top of permitting, licensing, government, municipality, corporate, insurance, and industry standards. As I engage in a project, I initiate processes to research, monitor, and communicate compliance requirements to key stakeholders. My goal is to ensure that your business team and leaders are aware of what is required to be compliant. I always seek to understand and mitigate your risk, so you can maintain your integrity.

Tools & Skills:

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

I am adept at culling through data and information, assessing what is relative, and refining project documentation to communicate information in a concise, yet thorough, manner. I leverage Excel for detailed data analysis. I use Powerpoint to create engaging presentations that effectively communicate project goals, progress, and successful outcomes. I can quickly learn any software platform.

Business Management Systems

Project documentation is only as good as the quality of information captured, input, and kept up to date. I work with your software provider to set up business management and productivity software systems which allow businesses to selectively approve access to data and protect confidential information, produce meaningful streamlined reports, reduce clerical entry, and monitor productivity. I retrieve current, pertinent data, manage initial input, set up processes for updates, and train users on how to effectively utilize the software.

Core Competencies:

Versatility & Adaptability

The world of small businesses is dynamic, and I thrive in such an environment. My experience has taught me to wear many hats, apply key stakeholder goals, think independently, research solutions, and implement effectively. I adjust quickly to new challenges and always seek innovative ways to tackle issues.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is the foundation of successful business relationships and project success is dependent on strategic communication. Words and ideas are tools that drive projects, catalyze development, and promote harmony. I am meticulous with details and concise, precise, and to the point in delivering information.

Problem Solving

As a results-driven leader, I am motivated to facilitate common ground. I believe in building trust by asking the right questions, eliciting feedback, listening, and maintaining confidentialities. My goal is to always find the best solution to drive business and projects forward.

Computer Literacy

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, mastery of new software tools is essential. I'm committed to continuous learning. I stay updated with the latest technologies. I take the initiative to learn and implement business and project management technologies to enhance efficiency.


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