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Founding and managing a small business requires dedication, flexibility and a broad skill set.
I co-founded and managed two successful small businesses. I understand the big picture.

Sales Training & Development

I co-founded Total Innovation Group, Inc., a sales training and consulting firm that focuses primarily on the strategic financial sale. We served several industries, including healthcare, transportation, aerospace, and communications, ultimately serving a client base of over 78,000 C-level execs, senior managers, and high-performing sales reps. We tailored our curriculums and training materials to each client's industry and organizational needs, motivating us toward research and flexibility. I established procedures, directed operations, managed staff, set and managed the budget, negotiated and executed agreements and protected intellectual property, I researched, drafted, and edited training materials, and planned and hosted events.

Emergency Services

I co-founded Coastal Disaster Recovery, Inc., a 24/7 emergency services provider serving commercial, residential, and assisted living markets. I structured a lean business model, developing talented technicians into independent contractors, which buttressed their business skill sets and reduced our indirect expenses. I marketed to strategically transition income generation from services with high COGS (remediation and restoration) to low COGS services (environmental consulting and structural drying), thereby increasing Gross Profit. Through consistent adherence to industry and government regulations, efficient project management, and thorough documentation, I mitigated risk, resulting in no agency violations, insurance claims and/or lawsuits.


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