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With over 20 years of business operations experience, I focus on expert operational support, superior communication,
and masterful project coordination and documentation of your vision.
Business Operations Specialist

Contract Administration / Procurement

I understand the delicate balance between diverse stakeholder goals (C-Team, Sales Reps, Operations, Legal, Regulatory Agencies, Customers, Vendors, and Contractors.) As Contract Administrator, I work with key stakeholders to negotiate, prepare, and monitor contracts and then document compliance. As procurement specialist, I subtly participate in revenue generation, rather than simply looking to reduce cost, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency. Aligning projects with Senior Leadership's overall strategy, I communicate and deliver to clients as partners and develop and maintain superior supplier relationships.

Business Operations Specialist

Project Coordination

I set myself apart as Project Manager with effective communication. Many project managers work through the traditional stages of project management (conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close) without realizing that the most important component is effective and timely communication... knowing what and when to communicate. I have superior written and oral communication skills, technical fluency, tact, and the ability to translate abstract situations into concrete results. Projects survive us. I create lasting value with thorough, but concise, project communication and documentation.

Business Operations Specialist

Operations Support

As Operations Specialist, I maximize your company's operating capacities while collaborating with management to execute key stakeholder business strategies. While managing operation start-ups, timelines, budgets, and outcomes, I evaluate the customer experience and problem-solve with key stakeholders to improve quality assurance. I play a pivotal role in defining and implementing procedures to effectively meet operational goals. I am especially aware of mitigating risk and I drive projects while informing Senior Leadership toward adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

C-Suite Assistance

As gatekeeper in the bustling C-Suite, I efficiently process large workloads with multiple priorities. I work closely with the C-Team while tactfully managing multiple key stakeholder personalities and understanding cross organizational goals. I'm a loyal gatekeeper that is blessed with superior communication skills, detail orientation, and the ability to implement tools effectively to make the C-Team look good... keeping them organized, on task, and on time. I quickly glean direction from the C-Team, then work independently, intuiting what actions need to be taken, and following up, thus freeing the C-Team to do what they do best... lead.


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